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No New Posts Route VIII

From Route VII, trainers can travel down the river and into the Eastern section of the Rosaceous League. This massive river, surrounded by mountains, is called the Azure River. Trainers can walk down the side of the river, rent a guide, or go down the river with their pokémon. The massive river goes on for miles and miles before they make it to the next town. Part of the river is very dangerous, while other parts are very calm.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Dec 22, 2011 21:46:14 GMT -7
No New Posts Azure Village

Azure Village is a town built up the edge of a massive mountain that is surrounding the Azure River. There is a massive dock in which people going down the river can keep their boats. Many of the buildings going up the mountain side are small businesses owned by the towns' people. Their homes are a couple miles down the river, placed on a mountain with a more flat side. The buildings are built very strong, made to withstand a lot of abuse.

The gym sits in the middle of the river, balancing on powerful stilts. The gym is rather small and is mainly made for pokémon to build up their endurance. The gym's floor is coated in rocks to create a dangerous battle setting. The battling will go on inside and outside the gym, based on the pokémon types used.

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No New Posts Azure Dojo

Several miles down the river rests a dojo on the sides of the river, in a small area of flat terrain. This dojo is where trainers will stop to earn their first and only weapon. The dojo is a fairly large sized area, a single floor beind an entire room. The place is built of a combination of wood and stone, making it a very strong fortress of five stories tall. The fifth floor is where the weapons are stored. Trainers may choose one from that room if they do not have one already.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Dec 25, 2011 10:41:35 GMT -7
No New Posts Route IX

By continueing down the river, trainers will be able to easily get to the next route. The river will end about twenty miles down from Azure. Trainers will be exiting the river and onto a dirt road which will take them into the desert. If not well prepared, trainers may die in this desert. The heat and dryness of Route IX is well known and makes life here very difficult.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Dec 27, 2011 11:36:23 GMT -7
No New Posts Route X

Once trainers manage to get out of the desert, they'll be traveling along the edges of the beautiful Lazuline beach. The sand is always very warm, even on the coldest of nights and the waves are usually gentle. It is often said that Lugia is near when the waves are rough.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Dec 27, 2011 11:43:50 GMT -7
No New Posts Lazuline City

The city of Lazuline is built along the shores of the Lazuline beach, which stretches for over a hundred miles. This massive city almost appears to be out of a science fiction movie, with scyscraping towers and extremely fast cars zooming throughout the city. There are many hotels of great luxury that will give free nights to trainers who reveal their Badge of Power.

The gym is a fortress, greatly decorated with statues of pokémon and masters outside. The courtyard has a massive statue of Lugia, Latios, and Latias, while watering pours out of their shoulders. Palm trees of all sorts of shapes and sizes surround the gym. Each floor is a training area for pokémon, with many different types of training equipment.

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No New Posts Route XI

Trainers will be returning to the desert upon leaving Lazuline city. This desert is the opposite direction of the Route X desert. This desert is made up of flat land with miles and miles of untouched sand. There are large, hot stones scattered around this desert. Trainers can easily become the victim of vicious pokémon or die of lack of water or food.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Dec 28, 2011 9:04:49 GMT -7
No New Posts Obsidian Village

The village is named after Obsidian, a glass rock that forms natural in the many volcanos scattered around Route XI. This small town is built in the middle of this massive desert, though they have a very powerful well that draws plenty of water for everyone. The shops and homes are built out of a strong wood, from a plant that grows beneath the ground, rather than above it.

The gym in this town is non-existant. The gym leader battles trainers in the sand, a few miles outside of town. The gym leader will guide trainers to the volcano and trainers must harvest their own obsidian. Then, the trainer must battle the gym leader. Once the trainer wins, the gym leader will carve into their obsidian and create their badge.

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No New Posts Route XII

Trainers must take a seven hour hike through the desert in order to get onto Route XII. This path is rather easy to follow since they are heading in the direction of the oasis. Route XII is a very wet and beautiful jungle. Everywhere the eye can see, there are small lakes, rivers, ponds, and waterfalls. The trees are massive, with all sorts of shapes and sizes, with many different types of vines growing on them. Trainers will easily find food; there is plenty of healthy fruits, though, plenty of poisonous ones as well.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Dec 29, 2011 8:13:34 GMT -7
No New Posts Route XIII

Trainers who manage to make it past the desert, into the oasis, and through the massive jungle, will find themselves walking a flat path. For miles and miles along this beach, there are smooth rocks burried beneath the sand, their smooth tops popping out of the ground. Algea has grown along the rocks surfaces and the tide gets caught between the rocks. Many baby pokémon live in these rocks and get caught in these small bellies of water.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Dec 29, 2011 8:22:32 GMT -7
No New Posts Iris City

The Iris city is placed less than a mile off the shores of Route XIII. The Iris city is well known for their extremely unbalanced natures. During the day, the city is very calm and peaceful, though, at night, the city becomes crowded as night dweling citizens enter the streets. Iris City is flooded with entertainment, from casinos to bars to dance clubs to tattoo parlors and more. The streets are decorated with live trees growing with the city.

The gym can be difficult to find for some trainers, as it is in an unexpected location. The gym is apart of the largest beauty salon in the city. This beauty salon is active and open during the day, but becomes a gym during the night.

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Once trainers have earned all their badges from the North, they can procede to the Eastern section of the Rosaceous League. Trainers will travel through Route VIII and earn the badge of the Moon Spirit at Azure Village. Then, they must earn their Power Badge at the Azure Dojo. Once they have traveled through Route IX and X, they will visit Lazuline City and earn the Badge of Infinity. Once they have traveled through Route XI, they will earn their Obsidian Badge at Obsidian Village. Through Route XII and XIII, trainers will earn their final Eastern badge at Iris city, the badge of Beauty.
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