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No New Posts Celadon Laboratory

In order to begin their journey, trainers must pick up their starting kits from here. The Laboratory is about a mile outside the town.It is a simple building of brick with vines crawling up the sides. The laboratory's entrance is a sliding glass door that will greet you to a cool breeze. Many pokémon are in the back, outside, very few are inside. The main room is a two story, the top connected by a small staircase. Many book shelves are on the top while the bottom has a desk with a computer against it.

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by Lucas Reverde
Jan 8, 2012 8:51:28 GMT -7
No New Posts Route I

Route I is a very long and wide road made that is the path all trainers begin on. The trees that are scattered around the streets are always coated in golden and red leaves. No matter the season, leaves fall off in hoards and then regrow in less than a day. The streets are always coated in red, golden, and brown leaves.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Nov 6, 2011 7:34:09 GMT -7
No New Posts Celadon Village

This calm village is built amongst the 'autum trees'. The buildings are made in a fashion that they all circle effectively around town square, which is a huge, mosaic platform of the magikarp. The buildings are painted of a light red, beige, or white brick. People of the town are very friendly and neighborly folk. Many wild pokémon, usually bird and insect types, like to visit the town for care from the humans that live there.

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No New Posts Route II

The best way to get out of the village and onto the right trail is to follow the river upstream. A couple miles away from the town, and the golden trees begin to vanish and turn into a vast grasslands. Quickly does the land become unleveled and rough. You're heading into the mountains, continue following the stream.

1 1 Wild Sightings
by ForsakenSora✖
Nov 6, 2011 7:39:40 GMT -7
No New Posts Route III

As you head further into the mountains, prepare yourself for very cold weather. Many trees grow around these lands, but are covered in the snow that constantly falls. You are high up in the mountains, but the land is a bit more leveled up here. However, traveling will be difficult through the freezing snow. Be wary of the ice pokemon.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Nov 6, 2011 8:14:18 GMT -7
No New Posts Aureolin Town

This town is high up in the mountains. In order to find it, you might have to follow a row of tall bricks, made to help travelers get through the snow in case of a horrid storm. The town is made of simple, yet very strong stone, taken directly from the mountain. There are many pubs and hotels welcoming travelers. The inside of the buildings are often styled in a foresty atmosphere with many log furniture and wool sheets.

The gym is apart of the most popular pub in the town. The gym is made up of the second and third floor of this pub. It is a giant training grounds with many excercise and endurance machines. You'll battle for the badge of Ice here. There are two gym leaders you must defeat.

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No New Posts Route IV

The best way to get out of the freezing mountains would be to take the two miles down the safe path and to the train station. The train will be able to safely take you off the mountains and into Route IV. The train will drop you off in the middle of nowhere. These lands are foggy swamp territory. There should be wooden signs leading you through the swamp lands. It may take you several hours to get to the next town safely.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Nov 6, 2011 8:18:47 GMT -7
No New Posts Chartreuse Village

The easiest way to find the village is when you spot the Chartreuse Lake. The village is built right next to the lake, with a single, long dock out into the lake. Many weeping willows grow around the lake, which is smothered in cattails. The village is paved in dirt pathways. The cottages and small buildings are made of strong wood. This town has many swap marts, where people can buy hand-made items of many sorts.

The gym is located in the center of the town. It sticks out because a large weeping willow is growing in the center of the building, in the small courtyard. The trees grows out and over the roof, its branches dangling over the edges of the building. The gym has two gym leaders.

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No New Posts Route V

In order to get out of the town, you'll have to show your badge to a boat owner in order to get across the lake and to the other side. If you follow the paths, you won't be too far from Route V. Quickly, the paths will turn into a vast grasslands of unevened terrain. You'll have to loop all across the lands until you manage to find the dirt pathway that will lead you to the next town.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Nov 6, 2011 9:46:50 GMT -7
No New Posts Ivory Village

As it is plain to see, the village is surrounded by fields of fresh growing plants. Most of the mountains and fields atop them are natural, not man-made. However, some of them were turned into various crop fields to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Many disciplined grass and ground type pokémon guard the fields from humans who try to steal the crops or pokemon that try to eat them. The village is built along the mountains, there are many steps and stairs to move along the levels. The houses are made with wood, the walls being a dark brown while the roof tops are dark grey and blade shades. There are many fresh food stands and even egg hatching shops.

The gym is located near the entrance of the town, where trainers will be arriving. The gym appears as a large stadium. From the inside, the battlefields are green patches of strong grass with a few boulders scattered around. The gym has three leaders.

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No New Posts Route VI

To get out of the village, take a trail that will lead you through the green mountains easily. You'll then be off into a great plains-the flattest land you'll ever be in. This great plains is normally a fairly comfortable temperate, with little rain. However, during the winter months, it rains constantly, and then dries up in the summer. However, thick grass and a few trees coat.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Nov 6, 2011 10:08:57 GMT -7
No New Posts Route VII

Eventually, the plains will become a more mountaining territory, once again, as you head into a vast amount of thick rivers. Careful crossing the rivers, their currents are powerful. Eventually, you'll reach a great mass of waterfalls. A few cave entrances are hidden behind some of the falls, but they are hard to enter. If you find the right cave, you can enter the underground city.

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by ForsakenSora✖
Nov 6, 2011 10:18:58 GMT -7
No New Posts Amaranth City

This is an underground city that can be reached by taking a passageway behind one of the grand waterfalls. The city is build in a fashion that is wall-to-wall. Since the cave is only barely tall enough for a single story building, the buildings are made to be the floor being the bottom of the cave and the roof being the top. They are made of strong stone. Many people that live here sell fossils of various common pokémon that used to live in the caves and currently live in the vast waters outside.

The gym is close to the city, deep in the network of caves. In order to find it, you'll need to follow the wooden signs that lead you to the right spot. The building is a metal structure. You will battle three gym leaders.

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